Trauma Bonding

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1 min readNov 27, 2022


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“Trauma bonds are emotional bonds with an individual that arise from a recurring, cyclical pattern of abuse perpetuated by intermittent reinforcement through rewards and punishments. The process of forming trauma bonds is referred to as trauma bonding or traumatic bonding.”

The colour of our eyes,
and the shade of our skin,
makes our love easy to believe in.

The bones of our youth,
have seen the same cracks.
Our mothers and fathers,
have broken their backs.

The wounds of our minds,
intertwine like vines.
Could there be any match greater?
One as mastered by our creator?

Two great opponents,
You and I.
Hurt me as you will,
it makes me feel alive.

Those angry words,
enough to fill a hive.
They’re nothing to me.
We can still hide.

The dark of our hair,
and the abraises on our knees,
made me believe,
that I am you,
and you are me.

Amidst the bruises,
and the untied nooses,
what a funny thing to see?

A bad marriage. A tumultuous high school relationship. A struggle with God. A faulty parent-child dynamic. All of these can be trauma bonds.



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